What are Film Classifications?

Film Classifications are put in place to alert viewers as to what to expect when watching a film. They vary all over the world, from country to country, and sometimes from province to province.

There is no one set of standardized guidelines for the world, you must investigate your own countries take on film classification. FilmClassifications.com has done the work already for a lot of you, but times are constantly changing, and while we try to keep as up to date as possible, it is always a good idea to contact your country's (or province's) own classifications board.

While the guidelines vary from place to place, they do not greatly vary. For instance, many country's will have the G, PG & M classifications. When it comes to films targeted to mature audiences, such as those over 15 or 18 years of age, often certain restrictions will apply. Often enforced by the law.

What to look out for when selecting a film for yourself, or for your family to watch, is what the film contains. For example, you wouldn't show an MA 15+ film to a 2 year old child in Australia. MA 15+ in Australia usually implies frequent use of course language, sex scenes and violence. Hardly suitable for a toddler. A G classified film however, would be more suitable, as they are recommended for General Audiences.